Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) instruction:

One-on-one lessons with a certified driving instructor. If you want to get your license in Colorado before you turn 16 ½, you must have completed 6 hours of behind-the-wheel with a certified instructor. We offer both manual and automatic transmission training. The lessons cost $80 per hour and are scheduled in 2-hour increments only ($160 per lesson, $480 for the complete 6 hours). You can also purchase a package of the 30-hour comprehensive class plus 6 hours of BTW for $550 (a savings of $130 compared to purchasing class and drive time separately.)

NEW! Driving simulator:

Virtual Driver Interactive™ A complete driving training program for novices and experienced drivers. Training designed to reduce crashes, lower insurance premiums, and assess drivers. Available at our Longmont and Windsor campuses. $40 per hour.

Driving Simulator
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